How It Works

waterleakXsystems detects leaks as soon as they start, shuts off the main water valve, and instantly alerts you regarding the situation.

Water Detection

A water leak can occur in a number of places throughout your home or business - kitchen appliances, washing machine hoses, or the vast network of piping and plumbing throughout. Water detection sensors are placed in key areas throughout your home or business. If a leak is detected, the Water Dectection Unit immediately transmits a signal via radio waves (1) to the Central Control Unit (2).

System Reaction

The Central Control Unit (2) receives the signal from the WDU (1) and immediately transmits a signal to the Valve Control Unit (3). This engages the Electronic Water Shut-off Valve (4) and shuts down the main water supply, stopping the flow of water to the entire building.

Reporting Alert

Upon water leak detection and automatic system shut down, you and two designated contacts will receive an alert (5) via text message or email to notify you of the leak and it's exact location. With the waterleakXsystem in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is under control even when you're not around.

Although this seems like a complex system with many steps and components, once water is detected, everything happens within an instant.